Club América

Club América

Founded on October 12, 1916 in Mexico City, America is for many the largest team in the country. With a total of 34 official titles (24 national and 10 international) is the Mexican club with the most official titles.

In addition, according to figures from various prestigious international publications and consultancies, it is the most economically powerful club in the entire American continent.

This great of Mexican football has a rich history reflected not only in titles but also in talented footballers who have worn its colors. Moacyr Santos, Enrique Borja, Antonio Carlos Santos, Hugo Sánchez, Cuauthémoc Blanco, Claudio López, Memo Ochoa, among other glories.

The America calls home the legendary and renowned Estadio Azteca. With capacity for 87,000 spectators, it is the largest stadium in the country, and the 3rd largest in the American continent.

Its construction began in 1962 as part of the strategy to become organizers of the 1970 World Cup. It is the only stadium that has hosted the final of two world cups (in Mexico 1970, with the consecration of Brazilian Pelé, and Mexico 1986, with the passage to the glory of the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona).

The Eagles of the America leave a mark on all competitions participated. So, its presence in the Colossus Cup will not go unnoticed.

Do not miss America in the Colossus Cup 2019!

More information about the team: https://www.clubamerica.com.mx/