Colossus Cup - July 3: America vs. Boca Juniors

Red Bull Arena

Red Bull Arena: History

Inaugurated in 2010 this young stadium located in Harrison New Jersey, is currently home to the New York Red Bull, one of the cheerleading teams of Major League Soccer.

With a capacity of 25,000 spectators, it is among the largest soccer stadiums in the United States. Red Bull Arena is distinguished by its futuristic appearance, as it has a translucent fiberglass cover that allows natural light to enter but protects the public from the elements leaving only the playing field outdoors. The design of the stadium distinguishes it from other MLS venues, in addition it is equipped with giant screens of last generation and comfortable armchairs arranged with an angle that gives the best visual.
In its short history, “The Fortress” as it is also known, has hosted various sporting events but also musical, due to its excellent acoustics.

It has hosted the MLS All-Star Game, 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers and a number of friendly matches for the US men’s and women’s national teams. It has also been used for other sports such as Rugby and Lacrosse.

The characteristics of the stadium and other aspects such as its security or the experience it represents for spectators to attend an event at its facilities, allowed the Red Bull Arena to be awarded with various prizes and recognitions.

Next July 3rd, it will be the stage for the Colossus Cup in the match between Mexico’s America and Argentina’s Boca Juniors.